Excerpt from “Becoming the Young Boy Again: A Hypno Roleplay Dad-Son Master-Student Seduction Novel”

Here’s an excerpt from Becoming the Young Boy Again.

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Ethan’s first day of high school was almost normal.

His dad wakes him up at seven. It’s a ritual between them. The room is dark and Ethan is curled up under the covers, then hall light slivers into his room and soon the man’s muscular form looms over him.

“It’s that time,” his dad says. Then he reaches out and strokes Ethan’s cheek. His hand is like a rock that flexes. It’s rough with calluses from the 500lbs he deadlifts at the gym. When his fingers dust Ethan’s cheek, his heart flutters and his morning wood gets stiffer.

Then his dad’s gone and Ethan moans into his pillow. His dad showers first. He leaves his son’s room door wide open and Ethan can hear the sprinkle of the shower as the man washes himself. Ethan lies half-awake, his cock still stiff, driven point-first into his body pillow. Usually he humps the bed a bit, as he still thinks about that coarse hand on his cheek. It feels so good and tingly, but he also has to pee, so usually that’s the point where he gets up.

His dad is still showering when Ethan comes into the bathroom. They have a “who cares” policy in his house when it comes to nudity.

The toilet is next to the glass-door shower. Ethan pulls his boxers down and tries to bend his stiff erection to piss.

“Need help with that?” his dad asks.

Yeah, Ethan wants to tell him, but of course he knows his dad’s joking. This is the humor that runs between them. If his dad ever thought that Ethan wished the man would take his cock in hand, or that he’d come and snuggle under the sheets with him and press that whole muscular body hard against him, pin him down under all that weight, cock stiff and flush against his smooth butt cheeks…

Fuck. Ethan has to piss, but instead he’s got the tingly sensation in his cock and as he holds it he wants to keep squeezing.

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Watching Gay Porn With My Dad

Watching-Gay-Porn-with-Dad-600Watching Gay Porn With My Dad

When Billy helps his father out with some computer problems, he quickly discovers what got his dad into trouble in the first place — he had been on a spammy gay porn site. Taking a risk and outing himself in the process, Billy sends his father to a better site for gay porn, one free of ads. But as he turns to leave and hopes to forget that any of this ever happened, his father asks him to stay, to enjoy the porn with him…

Watching Gay Porn With My Dad is a 3,600-word short story.

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Drinking My Dad’s Piss

Drinking-My-Dads-Piss-600Drinking My Dad’s Piss

Charlie lives at home. He’s not in school and he doesn’t have a job. The only thing he does all day is sit around in his boxers and play video games.

His father has had enough of this. He feels it’s time for Charlie to grow up and move out. What he sees, though, is Charlie holding onto his childhood. And the symbol for that childhood is that pathetic blanket he’s had since he was a boy.

The only way to sever that bond to Charlie’s childhood is to piss all over it. Charlie, though, will do anything to save his blanket and hold onto his innocence — he’ll even swallow down his father’s piss so the blanket stays clean.

Drinking My Dad’s Piss is a 4,100-word short story.

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Excerpt from “Taking My Son’s Butt Cherry”

Here’s an excerpt from Taking My Son’s Butt Cherry.

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Things got tough around the house after Donna, my wife, passed away. She did a lot of things for us and I didn’t realize how much I relied on her, even though our marriage had tapered out in the last few years and we’d lived more or less as roommates. One moment it was life as usual, the next, I was a widowed father of two, self-made millionaire from an online multimedia company, and the big house we’d lived in, which was big enough for a family of ten, suddenly felt way too big.

In those last years before she died, I’d spent more time with my sons and found I got closer with them, especially my youngest, Dylan. Movie nights with Donna soon became movie nights with the boys. We’d even stay up late sometimes and watch several movies. Scottie, the older by two years, would often go to bed but Dylan and I would stay up and sometimes he’d curl up in my arms and nestle against my lap.

At first, it was just comfortable to be close with him, like when he was a little boy and he wanted to snuggle up with his daddy, but during those movie nights, I found, after he’d fall asleep and curl up, his head near to my crotch, that when I shifted to get closer to him I’d turn so my crotch was closer to his chest, the pressure sending a rush of excitement that had me hard as a rock. I’d put my hand on his back and massage his shoulders, feel his mouth against my chest, and think of how good his soft, warm lips felt through the fabric of my button-up shirt.

Then Donna died unexpectedly of an aneurism in her sleep. I was so shocked by it, I didn’t cry until after five days, and even then the tears were ones of guilt. I blamed myself for letting our love die, and felt so lonely; in some ways, even blamed myself for her death, found myself awake many nights wondering if I’d taken a bit more time to try rekindling what we had if she might have lived.

Donna was gone, and the boys were all I had left. After the guilt passed, there was loneliness, but there was Dylan and Scottie, always with me, and they helped me heal. They spent a lot of time comforting me, helping me around the house, making sure I was all right.

We still had our movie nights, but even when we didn’t, Dylan would often come to my bed after Scottie went to sleep and cuddle up with me. It was innocent on his part, I was sure of it, but I was lonelier than ever and those nights I couldn’t get over how good it felt to have him with me. I’d put my arms around him and snuggle him close, pressing my hard erection shamelessly against his bottom.

If he noticed, he never told me, so this became a thing that we did every night when he’d curl up in my bed. I even found that when he got into my bed he’d turn, facing away, and would push his bubble butt against my waist as I pulled the cover up over us and nestled him in my arm, so I didn’t question it. I’ve always been a go with the flow kind of guy.

One night, after I was spooning him and my cock was throbbing with the pressure and warmth of his butt crack against it, I couldn’t hold back anymore, so I started to move back and forth a little, after I could hear Dylan sleeping. It didn’t take long before I felt my cock pulse and explode with an orgasm unlike any I’d had in years. Cum pumped out so hard I could feel it flooding my underwear, shooting hard against the fabric, but I just kept humping and didn’t want the pleasure to stop. Finally, when I was empty and spent, I wrapped my arm tighter around my son and pulled him close, sinking deep into sleep. In the morning, when he got up, I noticed the yellowed stain of my dried cum all over his pajama bottoms, and couldn’t help grinning in satisfaction at how I’d not only shot my wad so hard it went right through my underwear, but how I’d also marked my son in a way so intimate and secret. When he left for school I found I was hard already thinking about what it would be like to do it again when the day was over, and so I couldn’t wait for the day to end.

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Taking My Son’s Butt Cherry

taking-my-sons-butt-cherry-600Taking My Son’s Butt Cherry

Ted has always been close with his sons. When they were still children, it was just innocent affection, but as they got older, that closeness never faded. If anything, it got stronger, especially with Dylan, his youngest, when he would often spend late nights with Ted that ended with him snuggled up in his dad’s arms on the couch.

When Ted’s wife dies, that closeness with Dylan only intensifies as Dylan starts joining his father in bed, cuddling up close and leaving Ted uncomfortably aroused. The intense connection builds until finally, one night, unable to hold back anymore, Ted makes a move on his son, satisfying an urge for immediate erotic gratification. He feels guilty, but soon learns that this pleasure isn’t quite so forbidden. As it turns out, Dylan wants it just as bad as he does.

A secret affair heats up between them, but there’s only one problem: Ted’s older son, Scottie. He doesn’t know what’s going on, and if he would find out, there’s no predicting what his reaction would be. But that danger of being caught by Scottie only fuels Ted’s lusts, leading him to make daring choices—choices that will either lead to new heights of pleasure, or the ruination of everything he’s worked hard to achieve in life.


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17,500 words

Dad Son Sex Secrets 4-Pack Bundle

Dad-Son-Sex-Secrets-4-Pack-Bundle-1400Dad Son Sex Secrets 4-Pack Bundle

It’s natural for a young twink to fall for his older, muscular, masculine father, but few follow through on these forbidden lusts. For the young men that do, their sexual adventures open them to new worlds of intense pleasure and taboo sex. This 4-Pack of father/son incest stories will satiate your fantasies, as these young men get to know their fathers in ways that they never dreamed possible.

This taboo bundle includes:
SPANKING MY NAUGHTY BOY: Mark’s adult son, Brendan, is acting up and getting into drugs. He pulls out the only discipline he can think of — a good, hard spanking. But that punishment forces out a sexy confession.
DAD TOOK MY VIRGINITY: Darren finally works up the courage to explore his gay side and enter the bathhouse. Unfortunately, the first person he encounters there is his father, but it soon leads to unexpected ecstasy.
SEDUCING MY SON: David is trying to suppress a crush he’s developing on his son — but after a night of drinking, he gives in to his forbidden lusts and seduces his son… and his son’s boyfriend.
SEDUCING MY DADDIES: Ryan is spending a week with his dad and his dad’s new husband, Devin. Taboo lusts and some late night urges lead Ryan to crawl into bed with his two dads … naked.


Available at:

Barnes & NobleExcitica | Smashwords

18,800-word bundle

This bundle collects the four stories in the Dad Son Sex Secrets series — if you’d like to check out excerpts from these stories, you’ll find them here:

Spanking My Naughty Boy

Dad Took My Virginity

Seducing My Son

Seducing My Daddies

Excerpt from “Seducing My Daddies”

Here’s an excerpt from Seducing My Daddies, the fourth in my series of dad/son incest stories.

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God damn it, I was horny, but this just wasn’t working. I could tell that no matter how hot and horny I got, I just wasn’t going to be able to come tonight. No, only one thing would satisfy me. Only one thing would get me off so I could sleep.

And that one thing was taboo … off limits … forbidden.

Fuck it.

I stood up and left my boxers in a pile on the floor and went to stand in dad and Devin’s doorway again. I nudged the door open further so I could get an even better view. The light from the bathroom reflected down the hall and added a faint glow to the scene in front of me.

Dad and Devin were gods among men — everything I needed in a man. These were exactly the type of men that I wanted to take my virginity, to introduce me to the hedonistic world of gay sex. And, maybe, just maybe, it was something that could evolve beyond just primal sex. Fantasies filled my head of us becoming a threesome, of us sleeping in the same bed every night, of me being pumped full of their come every morning and night.

I found myself suddenly moving on instinct and desire — my mind not fully in control of my body. I nudged the door open further and walked into the room, naked and still masturbating, and stood in front of Devin. I stared down at both him and dad; their bodies were even more incredible now that I was this close to them. I could almost feel the heat emanating off of them and I could smell the musk of men, that smell sending a charge straight to my dick and making me throw my head back and moan.

“Ryan?” The sound of my dad’s voice saying my name sent a shock of cold fear through me. I’d been caught. I’d been fucking caught. “Ryan, what are you doing?”

But then I looked at him and Devin — who had also woken up and was looking me — and I didn’t see disgust in their eyes. No, I saw acceptance, like they were totally okay with me standing over them and masturbating.

Acting on instinct again, and not saying a word, I got into bed with them, lying between Devin and dad, facing dad. Behind me, Devin rolled over and I felt his bulge brush against my ass crack. Dad looked at me, the weak light glinting off his eyes, and as he parted his lips to say something else, I put a hand on his cheek and leaned in to kiss him. It was long and passionate — at least on my end. Dad’s lips didn’t move. He didn’t reject my kiss, didn’t push me away, but he didn’t kiss me back, either.

I kept kissing him, kept getting something I’d been aching to do. And then, so subtly that I almost missed it, dad let out a low groan that rumbled in his chest. That groan, that rumble, that sound of base desire, was like flipping a switch. Dad put a hand on my slim waist and leaned into me, kissing me hard, his tongue flicking into my mouth. Devin leaned into me, too, pressing his bulge against my ass and nibbling at the back of my neck, his facial hair adding hot friction to his touch.

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