Gay Piss Play 4-Pack Bundle

Gay Piss Play 4-Pack Bundle

Gay sex is unsatisfying unless men let their bladders loose and add hot, acrid, tart piss to the fun. In this soaking wet bundle are the following previously-published piss stories:

PISSING MY PANTS IN PUBLIC: When William accidentally wets his pants in public, his moment of shame quickly turns into the erotic encounter of a lifetime.
CRUISING FOR PISS: A discreet men’s room encounter rapidly turns into an orgy filled with piss, gloryholes, fisting, and more!
TRUCKER PISS: A straight, married trucker discovers the wet and messy fun of gay piss play.
PISSING MY DIAPER: Needing a little stress relief, Logan hits up his much older friend with benefits, Mike, for some hot dad/son role play, complete with diapers.


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21,500-word bundle


Excerpt from “Gay Sub Fisted”

Here’s an excerpt from Gay Sub Fisted, the fourth in my series of Gay BDSM Club stories.

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Master folded his arms across his broad chest. “I know you’re anxious, kid, but we have to warm you up a bit before we start you out in the sling.” He turned around and walked down the corridor behind him, his magnificent, hairy ass capturing my full attention. “Follow me, kid,” he ordered, without looking back to see if I was obeying.

I hurried after him, almost sad to be leaving the sling behind — but getting increasingly turned on because each step was one step closer to Master having his way with me. And I would be in the sling tonight — if Master said I needed to be warmed up first, then I needed it. He knew what was best for me.

He led me to a locked room near the end of the hallway and I followed him in. With the dim lighting in the room, the shadows played over his muscles, making them look harder and larger. My cock was so hard right now as I took in the full sight of his masculinity.

“Lie down on the bed — face down.”

“Yes, Sir.” I got on the bed — a thin mattress covered with a sheet that seemed to be partly made of rubber — and laid face down as instructed. I turned my head to the side so I could still watch Master as he rummaged through the black duffel bag he always had with him.

All he pulled out was a big bottle of lube.

He came and sat down next to me on the bed, near my ass. “We’re going to take it nice and slow, kid. We need to loosen up this ass of yours.”

“Yes, Sir,” I said. I was a little confused because I’d never had trouble taking Sir’s dick before, so I didn’t know why I needed to be loosened up. Unless he was planning to put something larger than his cock in my hole.

Before I could think further on it, Master pressed his finger against my knot. I moaned as he forced his thick finger, slick with cold lube, into my hole. He massaged it back and forth, not going in too deep yet, but just enough to relax and tease the edge of my hole.

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Excerpt from “Seducing My Son”

Here’s an excerpt from Seducing My Son, the third in my series of dad/son incest stories.

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Fuck it. I down my glass of rum, set it on the glass end table with a clink. I can’t stand the teasing anymore. Either my son is flirting with me, or I’m drunk and horny and full of wishful thinking, but if he wants me, I’m not holding back. I’m going to have him how I want him.

“Adam.” I stand in front of him, hands on hips.

He looks up at me, eyes briefly cruising my chest and bulk. Then he looks into my eyes and sees how rapt I am, how I can’t take my lustful gaze off his pretty boy face. He looks concerned. “Yeah, dad?”

I look around the basement rec room. Everyone is in some form of drunkenness. Yeah, let them party. What I’m about to do will be something secret, something no one will know about but me and Adam.

“I need you to come with upstairs, right now.”

Adam looks at me, confused, but he doesn’t disobey. “Okay, dad,” he says, hoisting himself up. He stands on his athletic legs, showing off his shapely buns. On the way up the stairs, he turns to me. “I hope nothing is wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong,” I tell him. “I just need you to come upstairs with me. Now.”

“Okay,” he says, continuing up, and I watch him, my cock throbbing, heart pounding.

I can feel the alcohol burning in my veins as we continue upstairs and into the hall that leads to the den and master bedroom. My wife is out of town on a business trip, so we have the house to ourselves. I feel like I’m following Abigail again down the dorm hall to my room, knowing that soon my cock is going to be erupting between her tits.

The house upstairs is dark. At the top of the stairs, Adam stops and I let myself collide gently into him. I casually lift my arm around his shoulder, pressing our bodies close.

“Where do you want to go?” he asks me. Although I’m close against him, he doesn’t move away. He turns his head towards me. In the dark I see the outline of his plump lips, the shadows of his gorgeous eyes. I want to kiss him.

I hold back. “Do you trust me, son?”

“Of course.” He doesn’t hesitate. I feel his breath against me, tangy with the scent of beer.

“I want to take you to the bedroom and show you something.” My erection is tantalizingly close to his leg. I can’t resist. I turn subtly and press it against his thigh muscle, relishing the hard warmth and rush of pleasure that sweeps through my groin.

“Okay.” He whispers the word. I can tell he doesn’t know what to do, but he doesn’t pull away from me, even though I’m certain he can feel my cock against his leg. I know he wants this, but he needs me to lead, to take charge and do what he only dares to do.

“It’s okay, son. Don’t be ashamed. I know what you want. It’s normal. I want it too.”

I reach with my free hand to his crotch. The moment the spongy bulge of his manhood meets my palm I shudder. I give it a squeeze, making sure he knows what I want. He gasps, his shadowed eyes widen, his lips part. He doesn’t pull away.

I lean closer to him, bringing my lips to the angle of his jaw, an inch from his ears. “I don’t know why, but I want you so bad,” I whisper. “I’m sorry, son, but I can’t help it.”

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Seducing My Son (Dad Son Sex Secrets #3)

DS3-Seducing-My-Son-LargeSeducing My Son

(Dad Son Sex Secrets #3)

David is a buff, forty-four year old dad in a sexless marriage. When his son, Adam, turns eighteen, David throws a drinking party for Adam’s friends at his house while his wife is out of town and decides to join the fun. In a house full of youthful testosterone, David reminisces over his own youth, only, he finds his thoughts wandering somewhere unexpected as he eyes Adam’s lanky, muscular body. He catches his son staring at him all too often, and soon his libido ventures into the forbidden, to lusts that a father should not indulge. With the buzz of alcohol, though, David can’t hold himself back. He decides to seduce Adam, no matter what the consequences.


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5,200-word short story

Excerpt from “Dad Took My Virginity”

Here’s an excerpt from Dad Took My Virginity, the second in my series of dad/son incest stories.

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Some sort of cockslut mentality took over me and I sucked on that cock like it was the most delicious thing I’d ever tasted — and, really, it was. I wrapped a hand around the base and fondled his balls with my other hand. I loved the taste and feel of this man’s flesh, the way it was tinged with the salt of sweat, the way it was both hard and just a little soft. And the fact that I was in the dark and didn’t even know who this guy was and would never find out made me so fucking horny myself.

He put his hands on my head, wide and masculine, they combed through my hair as he let out a gasp as I continued sucking him. I released his balls and instead moved that hand down my abs to where the towel was tightly cinched around my waist. With a quick flick of my finger, the towel fell to the floor around me and I grasped my own meat in my hand, stroking in time to the rhythm I had going with my mouth.

He seemed to be enjoying it almost as much as me. He started bucking his hips, fucking my mouth, and I absolutely loved it. I felt an immense feeling of satisfaction and completion by totally pleasing this man — not only was I a cockslut, but maybe I was a bit submissive, too.

I gasped and let the man’s cock out of my mouth when I felt a shin bump into my ass.

“Sorry,” a masculine voice behind me muttered, quickly shuffling off.

“No problem, bud,” said the man I was sucking.

A deep and instant chill struck my core. The guy I was sucking off … his voice was so familiar. It was a voice I knew far too well, a voice I heard everyday. But it couldn’t be … it couldn’t be my father.

It was one of those voices I just knew — the richness of it, the cadence, the phrasing. It was all exactly like my father. But this … this wasn’t him. This couldn’t be him. He was married to my mother — he was straight. And faithful.

“Keep going,” the man urged me, still sounding exactly like my father.

This was too weird. If he was my father, I needed to get the fuck out of here and try to figure out how to forget the whole thing. And if he wasn’t my father, it was still just too creepy, and I still needed to get out of here and go home and forget it all.

I grabbed my towel and didn’t even bother wrapping it around me. I ran my hand along the wall and hurried through the maze, desperate to find the exit so I could just run back to the lockers and get dressed.

“Wait,” he called after me. I heard footsteps, like he was trying to follow me.

I wanted to tell him to leave me alone, but if it was my dad, I didn’t want him to recognize my voice. It was bad enough that I knew what was happening — I didn’t want him to go through the same torment. Finally, as I turned one last corner, I could see light up ahead, enough light for me to let go of the wall and jog out of the maze.


I stopped cold in my tracks. That confirmed it. Fuck.

I hung my head and turned around, quickly tying my towel around me when I realized I was naked. My dad walked up to me, towel dangling in his hand. I looked up at him, taking in a full look of his naked body — he was muscular, tanned, and very hairy, and his cock was just as long and thick as I’d thought in the dark. My mouth watered as I gazed at his cock, and that disturbed me, but also turned me on.

I sucked my father. How many guys could say that.

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Dad Took My Virginity (Dad Son Sex Secrets #2)

DS2-Dad-Took-My-VirginityDad Took My Virginity

(Dad Son Sex Secrets #2)

Darren finally works up the courage to explore his gay side and enter the bathhouse. He’s determined to have his first gay sex experience today, no matter what. Walking around in just a towel, he gets nervous and self-conscious, until he finds the pitch-black maze, where he can wander in total darkness, bumping into random men. And it’s in that maze that he finally falls to his knees and does what he’s been aching to do for years. But during a brief moment of speaking, Darren is shocked and horrified to learn that the man he’s servicing is his father — his straight, married father. However, once that line’s been crossed, it’s so tempting to go even further.


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5,200-word short story

Excerpt from “Spanking My Naughty Boy”

Here’s an excerpt from Spanking My Naughty Boy, the first in my series of dad/son incest stories.

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I slapped him two more times, one on each cheek. His ass rippled with the impact, blushed pink from the strike. He shouted in pain — now it was hurting. Now, he was feeling his punishment. But I really wanted to teach him a lesson he wouldn’t forget. I struck his ass again and again, alternating from cheek to cheek. The slaps of my hand on his ass ricocheted through the room, the silences between smacks were filled with his whimpers. His ass glowed red from the spanking.

Brendan’s yelps of pains had softened. I paused in his punishment and listened as he sniffled. He was crying.

Fuck. What was I doing? I’d never laid a hand on Brendan before — never even spanked him when he was a kid. What the hell had gotten into me?

It was us, I knew — the dynamics of our father-son relationship had changed. I didn’t even fully know how or why or what the new dynamics were. But something had changed. And it wasn’t just the death of Marie — our relationship had changed in the year leading up to Marie’s death, even before we knew she was sick. The pain of losing Marie, of Brendan losing his mom, seemed to have heightened whatever it was that was complicating us.

I gently laid my hand on Brendan’s ass. He flinched with the touch, even though it was soft. “Shh…” I said. I massaged his ass, smoothing my hand over the tender skin, wishing I could heal the hurt I’d caused. His ass radiated heat from the spanking, warming my palm. “I’m sorry,” I said. “I’m sorry, Brendan. I’m sorry for everything — for doing this, for your mom passing away, for the gulf that’s grown between us … everything.”

“Dad?” Brendan said, his voice sounding frail.


“Can you let me up?”

I didn’t even realize I was still holding him down with my left arm. I lifted it off him and then helped him into a sitting position next to me — I saw him wince as his ass touched down on the leather couch. And then I saw something I didn’t know if I ever wanted to see — something I certainly never expected to see.

Brendan had an erection. His cock was rock-hard and standing straight up. I felt an odd surge of pride, knowing my son was so well-hung. I bet the girls he fucked liked the size of his dick, too.

I tore my gaze from his crotch when I realized he was looking up at me. I finally met his eyes — they were red-rimmed with tears, but they were also sober. The spanking had cleared his mid, at least.

“I have to tell you something,” Brendan said. His lips quivered, as if he was scared.

“What is it, son? You can tell me anything, you know that.”

“Dad … I…” his words faltered and he looked away from me. I took the opportunity to look down at his dick again — there was something oddly entrancing about it. I’d never really looked at another guy’s meat before, and the fact that it was my son’s sent an illicit shiver through me. He looked at me again and there was new steel in his eyes. “Dad, I’m gay.”

It took a moment for that to sink in, but then I threw my arm around his shoulders and pulled him in for a half-hug and kissed him on the top of his head. It didn’t really surprise me — a father knew these things about his kids. Brendan had never had a girlfriend that lasted more than a week, and he was very close to some male friends who I knew were gay.

“I love you son, you know that. Nothing can ever change that. Thank you for telling me.” I kissed him again.

“There’s more…” he said.

I let go of him so that I could look into his eyes. This was good — we were getting to the bottom of what had been tearing him apart these past several months. I was ready for anything he could tell me — anything.

“Dad, I … I’m in love with you,” Brendan said. He laid his hand on my briefs, cupping my bulge.

That … was unexpected. I sat, frozen, for several long moments, trying to process what Brendan had just told me … and process the fact that my son was groping my cock and balls. I looked down at his dick again with a new perspective. That erection was for me. My son was horny for me.

A completely unexpected thrill ran through me and I shivered with anticipation. Acting on desires I didn’t comprehend and wasn’t ready to even think about, I reached for his cock, tentatively wrapping my fingers around it. The warmth of his cock felt good on my fingers, so I tightened my grip. Brendan gasped and sunk deeper into the couch.

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