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I’m finally digging through some of the buy links on these posts — everything pointing at Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes is broken. Incest, piss-play, and dub-con was weeded out of those sites last year.

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Piss-Loving Boys 4-Pack

Piss-Loving-Boys-4-PackPiss-Loving Boys 4-Pack

Sometimes guys like to get raunchy, wet, and messy — and given the chance, they’ll give into their dirtiest fantasies. This 4-pack of gay watersports stories will satiate your fantasies, as these boys get soaked in piss. This taboo bundle includes:

PISSED ON BY THE BULLY: Joel tries to entrap the closeted homophobic bully, Brian, but the tables turn when Joel lets loose with a golden stream.
HUMAN URINAL: Cocky and disrespectful, Andrew gets what’s coming to him when a dominating daddy ties him up in the men’s room urinal.
GOLDEN SHOWERS: Thinking he’s alone, Christopher gives into his wettest fantasies — until he’s caught by his straight roommate.
FRAT HOUSE PISS PARTY: Ian is new to the frat house and ready for initiation, until he finds out they know about his secret piss-drinking fetish.


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16,700-word bundle

This bundle collects the four stories in the Piss-Loving Boys series — if you’d like to check out excerpts from these stories, you’ll find them here:

Pissed on by the Bully

Human Urinal

Golden Showers

Frat House Piss Party

Excerpt from “Frat House Piss Party”

Here’s an excerpt from Frat House Piss Party, the fourth in my series of watersports / piss-play stories.

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“When we were smoking up last night, Ian said some interesting things,” Lance said.

I instantly went cold and struggled to bring up coherent memories of last night, of what I could’ve possibly told him. Nothing was coming back to me. Lance’s arm around my shoulders now felt heavy and oppressive, like a yoke on cattle.

“Oh?” Ryan asked. It was even clearer now that this was a set-up, that they knew exactly what they were going to say and when.

What the fuck did I tell Lance last night? I knew I usually talk about sex when I’m high, but, surely, that’s not what was going to happen here and now.

“It seems,” Lance said, emphasizing his Southern drawl to draw out the moment, to keep me sweating in nervous agony, “that our boy here is a piss-drinker.”

I closed my eyes and tried to hold back the tears. A hot blush flared on my cheeks. That was my deepest, darkest secret, and I’d gone and told it to someone who was going to use it against me. I was surprised I hadn’t already been kicked out of the house — there was no way they’d let a piss-drinker live with them.

“Well, now that’s interesting,” Ryan said, with a little bit of a Southern drawl of his own. I heard a bit of teasing in his tone, but not disgust. I opened my eyes, terrified to face any of my brothers again, but forcing myself to do just that. “Tell us about it, Ian.”

I looked from brother to brother, trying to figure out where this was going. Then it hit me. They were going to make me piss all over myself. And knowing the humiliation that usually accompanies hazing, they were probably going to film it and show it to everyone. I’d have to not only leave the house, but probably also leave campus. I’d have to figure out how to explain to my parents why I’d wasted all their money and didn’t even stay a term.

“I’m waiting,” Ryan said, his voice suddenly full of authority, something I’d not heard from him before.

“I…” My sentence trailed off as I struggled to figure out what to tell and what to keep secret.

“It’s okay, brother,” Lance said with an oppressive squeeze of my shoulders. “You can trust us.”

I sighed and closed my eyes — I couldn’t look at them as I spilled the beans. I’d decided to just tell them the whole thing. “Piss really turns me on — the smell, the feel, the taste. I usually piss all over myself every morning before I shower and then jack off.”

Even though my eyes were closed, I knew they were judging me. I could feel it in the oppressive silence that had suddenly filled the room. When the silence continued, I opened my eyes and looked at everyone as they stared at me. Their expressions were unreadable, but I knew the night was going downhill from here.

Suddenly, Ryan chugged back the last of his beer and stood up. “You need another drink,” he said, his eyes boring into me.

I glanced at my cup. “I’ve still got some.”

“I wasn’t talking about beer,” he said. He grabbed his fly and drew the zipper down. Reaching inside, he wrenched out his thick, heavy cock, and dangled it into his cup. A second later, the heavy sound of piss striking plastic filled the room.

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Frat House Piss Party (Piss-Loving Boys #4)

WS4-Frat-House-Piss-PartyFrat House Piss Party

(Piss-Loving Boys #4)

It’s Ian’s second day as a new member of his fraternity and it’s time for the dreaded initiation. While he expects something harmless like simply getting drunk and goofing off, things take a dirty turn when he finds out they know his deepest, darkest secret — that Ian is a piss drinker. The initiation quickly gets wet as Ian gets soaked by five guys — and then it gets hot, as each guy is immensely turned on.


Available at:

Barnes & NobleExcitica | iBooks | Kobo | Smashwords

4,300-word short story

Excerpt from “Golden Showers”

Here’s an excerpt from Golden Showers, the third in my series of watersports / piss-play stories.

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Slowly, I began angling my hard, stiff cock toward my face. The fountain of piss turned into an arc, making its way up my torso, making more of me wet with my hot, fetid piss. Some of it splashed on my chin — I clamped my mouth shut, but continued moving that golden arch toward my face.

My bladder showed no sign of emptying — it still burned with the sensation of being far too full. Good, because I wasn’t ready for this to end.

And, finally, my piss landed on my face, pounding against my mouth, demanding that my lips open and I taste my golden nectar, straight from the tap. But I couldn’t bring myself to open my lips and taste what I so badly wanted to taste — some part of me was still rebelling, some part that wasn’t ready to admit that I might be into far dirtier and kinkier sex than I ever imagined.

But I had to open my mouth — I didn’t know how long it would take for me to work up to pissing on myself again, so I had to do it now or else I’d regret it for weeks. I just had to open them a little bit, let a few drops splash in, that was all…

I opened my mouth and my stream poured right in. My hot, salty, tangy piss flooded my mouth, spilling out the sides. I continued to let my piss fill my mouth, but I still refused to swallow. I think some part of me knew that if I swallowed, there was no turning back. But why was I doing this? I had to keep asking myself that — I was doing this because I wanted to experience what I saw online. If I was going to do that, I had to swallow it down.

I shut my eyes tight — I have no idea why — and swallowed what was in my mouth. My piss poured down my throat and sloshed into my stomach. That was … not bad. Actually, it was pretty hot.

I opened my mouth again, let it fill up, and swallowed down another mouthful. And I did it one more time before my bladder finally started to approach empty. My arc of sparkling golden pleasure shrank, hitting only my abs, and then it sputtered out, sending a few last drops rolling out of my slit and down the shaft of my cock.

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Golden Showers (Piss-Loving Boys #3)

WS3-Golden-ShowersGolden Showers

(Piss-Loving Boys #3)

Christopher finally has the apartment to himself and plans to make the best of these few hours of privacy. He’s been watching a lot of piss vids on the internet and is eager to try this out on himself in the tub. But as soon as he finishes and lays there, sticky and wet, his roommate, Aiden walks in. Aiden is straight and Christopher expects the situation to explode — but then Aiden lowers his fly.


Available at:

Barnes & NobleExcitica | iBooks | Kobo | Smashwords

4,200-word short story

Excerpt from “Human Urinal”

Here’s an excerpt from Human Urinal, the second in my series of watersports / piss-play stories.

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Some time later — I have no idea how much time had passed — I woke with a groan. I jolted, suddenly remembering what had happened. Fuck, my head hurt. I opened my eyes, blinking several times against the harsh lighting.

Was I in the … men’s room?

I tried to bring my hand to my head, to see if I was bleeding, but I couldn’t move my hand more than an inch or two. I looked over and it took a moment to understand what I was seeing. There was rope circled around my wrist, and the other end of it was tied to one of the heavy pipes above the trough urinal.

I looked to my other hand and found it was tied just the same. My feet, too, were tied up, one tied to a stall wall and the other tied to the bottom of a sink.

And I was naked.

And I was sitting in the urinal trough.

“Whuh thu fhu?” I said. What? Through the pain that still flooded my head, I felt something strange … straps tied around my head and in my mouth was a metal … thing … to keep my mouth wide open.

The panic that had been building suddenly boiled over. I struggled against the ropes and screamed. What the fuck was going on? Did that troll do this to me? Fuck, I had to get out of there. I had to go to the cops and get the fucker arrested. I had to—

“Well … well … well…” I heard a voice say. I realized it was the troll who’d decked me, but I couldn’t see him anywhere. Slow, heavy footsteps echoed through the men’s room and I saw — what was his name … Brent? — come around the stalls toward me. “Someone’s awake.”

New rage surged through me. Once I got free of these ropes, I’d kill the motherfucker. I struggled against them, hoping one of them — just one of them — was loose enough for me to squeeze my hand out. If I could get one hand free, I’d be able to fight him off and free myself.

Brent sauntered closer, seemingly unafraid and uncaring of the world of pain I was about to inflict on him … if I could only get free. Instead, he reached for the fly of his jeans and opened it up, letting his thick cock flop out. Though it was huge, I was still disgusted because I don’t do grandpa-dick … and the ass-wipe seemed to take delight in my disgust.

If he forced me to suck it, I’d bite it off and spit it out. He’d be sorry he ever messed with me. Then I realized I still had this … thing in my mouth and couldn’t close my jaw. My fear came rushing back as I realized how truly helpless I was. I struggled against the ropes some more, but I still couldn’t gain any space to wriggle my hands or feet out.

Brent came to a stop a foot in front of me, his cock dangling right in front of my face. I looked at it and then up at him. He had a hard glint in his eye — and it terrified me. What the fuck was he going to do? And how the fuck did he get me in here and tied up without anybody seeing? What did he think he was going to do? Rape me and then expect to get away with it?

And then I felt something hot splash on my face. I looked back at his dick and — oh, fuck — piss was streaming out of it and hitting me in the face. I closed me eyes and turned away, but he still aimed his hot stream at my face. It ran down my cheeks and some of it entered my mouth — and because of this, this fucking thing in my mouth, I couldn’t seal my lips. I tasted his salty, tangy piss. God, it was disgusting.

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