Kinky Daddies: A Dad/Son Gay Incest 4-Pack Bundle

Kinky-Daddies-2400Kinky Daddies: A Dad/Son Gay Incest 4-Pack Bundle

For a twink, nothing is hotter than sex with his father. Except when his father is super kinky.

This taboo bundle features four stories of masculine, powerful, and kinky daddies seducing their sons, stretching their limits, and exploring their deepest, most forbidden desires. From father/son piss play, to fisting, to gang bangs and more, this bundle has it all.

Kinky Daddies is a 16,000-word bundle and includes the following previously-published short stories: Drinking My Dad’s Piss, Tag-Teamed By My Dad And My Uncle, Fisted By Daddy, and Gangbanged By My Dad And His Friends.

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Putting Him Under: A Straight-to-Gay Hypnotism 4-Pack Bundle

Putting-Him-Under-2400Putting Him Under: A Straight-to-Gay Hypnotism 4-Pack Bundle

Inside every straight guy is a sex-obsessed gay man waiting to burst free. And sometimes the only way to reach that inner gay man is to hypnotize him.

This taboo bundle features four stories of seemingly straight men being hypnotized to unleash their insatiable gay desires, and then submitting to the very men who put them under. From jocks to hunks to roommates to cops — every straight alpha male secretly yearns for sweaty gay sex.

Putting Him Under is a 15,000-word bundle and includes the following previously-published short stories: Hypnotizing the Straight Jock, Hypnotizing the Straight Hunk, Hypnotizing My Straight Roommate, and Hypnotizing the Straight Cop.

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Excerpt from “Gangbanged by My Dad and His Friends”

Here’s an excerpt from Gangbanged by My Dad and His Friends.

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I turn my head slightly, looking to Chad and Derek. They’re both engrossed in the game. I turn back toward dad, my lips just a mere inch from his.

“Dad…” I say. I try to keep my voice low and steady, but it comes out with a crack. I sound like a pubescent teenager.

He glances past me, toward his friends, then his eyes meet mine again. “They know,” he says.

Then it hits me. It all hits me. Dad does remember that night. I thought I was the only one living with this guilt, but he is too. But … he doesn’t seem like he feels guilty. He seems… Dad takes my hand and puts it on his hard, massive bulge.

“Dad…” I say again, my voice cracking again.

“Trevor…” he says. I moan at the sound of my name on his lips.

Absently, I realize the game is over. I hear the theme music emanating from the TV, but it sounds like it’s a million miles away. He grabs the back of my head and pulls me close to him for a kiss, his lips crushing against mine, and it’s like all I can focus on, like my whole world exists in this kiss and nowhere else. Everything drops away — the TV, Derek, Chad — they’re all gone and it’s just dad and I and our kiss. I can taste the beer on his lips and his tongue, and the warmth of his body soaks through his clothes and through mine and warms me to my core. His hand falls to rest on my hard bulge and he starts rubbing it.

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Gangbanged by My Dad and His Friends

Gangbanged-By-My-Dad-And-His-Friends-2400Gangbanged by My Dad and His Friends

Trevor needs to study for his first year chemistry exam… but his father and his friends are in the other room getting drunk and rowdy while watching a hockey game. No matter what he does, Trevor can’t block out the noise and just focus on the subject matter. So, as much as he doesn’t want to, he confronts his father and his friends and begs them to be quiet. But with the hockey game almost over, they instead convince Trevor to join them for a beer and the end of the game.

But when Trevor settles into the couch between his dad and one of his friends, uncomfortable memories arise… memories of the last time his dad was this drunk and the things Trevor and his dad did to each other. Thankfully, his dad was far too drunk to remember. But that small comfort is quickly lost when his dad starts making moves on him — with his friends still in the room — and then he leans in and whispers into Trevors ear “They know.”

Soon, the game is over, everyone is naked, and Trevor is being used by his dad and his friends for their personal pleasure.

Gangbanged By My Dad And His Friends is a 5,000-word short story.

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Excerpt from “Hypnotizing The Straight Cop”

Here’s an excerpt from Hypnotizing The Straight Cop.

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I bite my lip, nervous with indecision. Looking in the mirror again, I catch the cop look up at me again from the seat of his car. Despite his mirrored sunglasses, the look of disgust is clear. Yeah, he’s a fag. He’s probably sucked more cock than me — probably taken more loads up the ass too. I can’t stand those two-faced homophobes who secretly have an insatiable desire for cock. Either own up to it or fuck off.

My cheeks are burning hot again, but now with anger. Fuck. I pick up my phone and dig through the links I have bookmarked. Near the bottom of the list is the hypno soundtrack that worked the best on my ex. I look in the mirror one more time, weighing whether or not to actually try this. I catch him glaring at me once more before getting out of his car — and I also take a moment to ensure that he is, indeed, alone — and I decide that I’m fucking doing this.

I hit the link, then start the audio track that pops up. I place my phone on my dash, pointing the speakers toward where the cop will be standing. A loud droning noise fills the car. A moment later, that perfect view of his crotch happens again. Then he bends over. He’s about to say something, but then he eyes my phone.

“Turn that off,” he says, command clear in his voice.

“Listen to it … it’s soothing … it’s calming…”

“I said turn that fucking thing off.”

My heart suddenly beats at something like three times the speed, hammering against my ribs. This is the do-or-die moment.

“Listen to the sound of my voice …

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Hypnotizing The Straight Cop

Hypnotizing-the-Straight-Cop-2400Hypnotizing The Straight Cop

Robbie is driving along a lonely country road and can’t resist pressing the pedal to the metal. But just as he really starts getting into the fast life, the red and blue lights of a police car fill his rearview mirror. He’s pulled over for speeding. His day is ruined. Worse, the cop seems to know Robbie is gay and has a problem with it.

Right when Robbie would normally roll over and pretend none of this his happening, something snaps in him. No longer does he want to be the passive one who just puts up with all the homophobia directed his way. No, today is the day he exacts his revenge.

He embarks on a risky move, hypnotizing the straight cop. Right when it seems like his plan fails and he’s about to get a beating from this macho cop, it seems that he actually succeeds. This macho alpha cop is completely under his control, giving Robbie the opportunity to take him down a few pegs and to get back at the cop for his homophobia.

Hypnotizing the Straight Cop is a 4,700-word short story.

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Excerpt from “Fisted by Daddy”

Here’s an excerpt from Fisted by Daddy.

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I was reliving my childhood years by watching cartoons in my PJs on a Saturday morning in the living room when it happened … when dad walked in with the giant dildo I kept in the back of my closet.

“Son,” he said, with a stern look on his face that made me whither and desperately want to just hide under the blanket I had over my legs. “I think we need to talk.”

I felt my cheeks burn extra hot with a blush that had to be deep scarlet. “Were you snooping in my room?” I asked. I knew it was obvious I was trying to avoid the real discussion, but I was desperate to talk about anything but the massive rubber dong in dad’s hands.

“That’s not the point,” dad said, not taking any of my bullshit. “Turn off the TV.”

I did as ordered and then dad sat down next to me on the couch. He held up the dildo between us.

“So … what’s this about?”

“I…” I couldn’t get out more words than that. I felt my cheeks burn even hotter, so hot they felt like they were on fire. I looked away — I couldn’t make eye contact with dad.

“Colin, do you … do you use this on yourself?” he asked. When he said the word “this”, his gaze settled on the dildo and a look passed on his face that I couldn’t figure out. I expected it to be a look of disgust, but it wasn’t.

I couldn’t answer, couldn’t even open my mouth to utter a sound, couldn’t even bring myself to nodding or shaking my head.

“I’ll take your silence as a yes,” he said.

He put the dildo down on the couch between us. Even though I’ve had that thing shoved up my butt countless times, I was almost stunned by how massive it is. It seemed that in the heat of self-sex, I accept it for what it is, but now that I was looking at it when I’m completely not horny, it almost shocked me that my hole was capable of expanding that much. The girth of it had to be as wide as my wrist and it was about a foot long.

Dad sighed, then put his hand under my chin and forced me to look up at him.

“Colin … are you gay?”

My lip quivered in utter nervousness, but I was determined to answer this question. “Yeah, dad, I am.” I felt an instant rush of both relief and even more nervousness — I had just come out, but what would the consequences of that be? It had taken me a long time to accept this fact about myself, with only my recent discovery of the college gay club giving me the strength to do so. For dad, though, this had to be all so sudden.

“And you,” he said, picking up the massive dildo from the fake balls attached to its base, “can take this up your boy butt?”

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