Excerpt from “Seduced By My Slut Best Friend And His Dad: A Dad/Son Gay Incest Story”

Here’s an excerpt from Seduced By My Slut Best Friend And His Dad.

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“Do you know anyone who ever sucked a dick?” he asked me.

I tried to hide my surprise. “I may have known someone who did.” Shit, this alcohol was loosening him up.

“I know someone who did,” Colin said. “I can trust you. Why don’t we share some secrets.” He took a swig of his beer.

I copied him. “You go first.”

“It was me, I did it.”

I managed my best nonchalant look. “No judgments. You can trust me.”

He went on. “I was just curious. I agreed to suck it. He knew what he wanted. He made me lick it, then … out it all came. You know. Thick white cum all over my tongue. It dripped down my chin, I could feel it. He must have been really gay, the way he groaned as he shot it all out. I took it all. I even swallowed when he told me. Like I said … fuck, I was curious.”

My jaw was slack. As he’d told me each sentence I felt a flash of heat stirring in my crotch. My erection was now fully stiff, protruding shamelessly from the Speedo. Colin, though, took another drink and was too out of it to notice.

“It sounds like you liked it,” I told him.

“I like it all,” Colin said. “Every time.”

I pretended not to notice the slip, his world of secrets tumbling now into the open. Fuck, was my erection ever hard.

“I’ve done it too,” I told him too, a part-lie to make him feel better. “More than just sucking. I let a guy use me.”

Colin seemed to come to full alert. “Really?”

“Yeah,” I went on. “He made me promise not to tell. He made me call him daddy. He was into that kind of stuff. He liked to pretend my asshole was a pussy, when he’d shoot it out.” It’s more or less a summary of some of my favorite porn blog themes.

Colin looks shocked, but I can tell there’s something else too, a hint of excitement. “We both have such dirty secrets!”

Then, for the first time, his eyes fall on my crotch. I’m leaning close, my legs open, and there’s no hiding the way my seven-inch bulge sticks out, all but pulling the band loose.

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Seduced By My Slut Best Friend And His Dad: A Dad/Son Gay Incest Story

Seduced-By-My-Slut-Best-Friend-And-His-Dad-MD-2400David is certain his classmate Colin is gay. He sees something of a kindred spirit in Colin, both of them grown up and still in high school from failing too many times. But it’s not until David catches Colin looking at gay porn on his phone that he decides to make his first move.

Under the guise of helping with homework, David invites himself over to Colin’s place. It takes a few beers to loosen up, but soon Colin is spilling more than just secrets. Clothes come off, and soon cum is flying everywhere, but none of that prepares David for the biggest shock he’s about to receive, when he’s buried balls-deep in his new slutty friend, and he learns…

Colin has sex with his dad.

And the crazy adventure is only beginning, because Colin doesn’t realize what he’s been pulled into, what lengths a father will go to when someone treads on his turf.
Nor does he realize what devious intent lies within Colin, who is far from being the innocent son he pretends to be…

Seduced By My Slut Best Friend And His Dad is a 13,000-word story and picks up from the events of Becoming My Dad’s Slut Son.

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Gay Fart Sex 4-Pack Bundle

Gay-Fart-Sex-4-Pack-2400These men can’t deny their taboo desires any longer. They love farts from manly men. Nothing gets them more turned on than being forced to swallow down some of that toxic gas — and it leads to the hottest sex they’ve ever had.

This gassy and taboo bundle includes the following previously-published gay fart sex stories:
– Sniffing the Jock’s Farts
– Swallowing the Cop’s Farts
– Cruising for Fart Sex
– Fart Sex With My Boyfriend

Give in to your own curiosity and long-denied desires with this 19,000-word bundle of raunchy, smelly sex.

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Excerpt from “Fart Sex With My Boyfriend”

Here’s an excerpt from Fart Sex With My Boyfriend.

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I couldn’t help but get a boner as I dumped a can of beans into the pan. They sizzled and I gave them a stir. I was already fantasizing about where the night would go — about the taboos I would get my boyfriend to break.

It took me a few moments to realize that I was rubbing my cock through my sweats already. Fuck. I took my hand away from my rock hard bulge. If Cody were to come in and see me stroking myself, he’d know something was up.

To distract myself, I focused on the pan in front of me. The beans had warmed up nicely, so I sprinkled in some burrito seasoning and corn, then let it sit for a few minutes to get hot and saucy.

While it did that, I leaned my ass against the counter next to the stove and crossed my arms over my chest. If I manage to pull off what I have planned tonight, I’ll have struck an item off my sexual bucket list. I mean, Cody is kinky, but this is beyond his comfort zone. But if I play the night through just right, his resolve will crumble, he’ll experiment, and I’ll get my most piggy desires satisfied.

I couldn’t help but smirk as I glanced over at the pan of beans and corn.

For most people, bean burritos would make them a little bit gassy. For Cody, his farts are endless and stink like a toxic waste dump. I’ve never told him how turned on I get by his ass gas. Even though we’ve been together over five years now, I’ve never let him in on that dark secret of mine.

I hatched this plan the last time we had bean burritos. About two hours after dinner, while we were cuddling on the couch and watching a movie, he started farting non-stop. He kept apologizing and I told him not to worry. He tried to keep the blanket over our laps tight like an airlock, keeping the stench trapped beneath the fabric. But I made sure there was a little gap near my hip, allowing not only for the gas to escape, but for it to rise directly to my face.

I was so fucking hard during that movie. I don’t even remember what it was about because none of my blood was in my brain — it was all in my cock. After the movie, I excused myself, feigning a need to take a crap, but really I jerked my cock in the bathroom and I came so fucking hard I was wiping up cum from all over the floor and walls.

Ever since then, I’ve been thinking non-stop about that night. It’s been my daily bate fuel, but memories of it never got me off quite as hard as the actual thing.

So tonight I was going to make it happen again — and then make it go so much further.

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Fart Sex With My Boyfriend

Fart-Sex-With-My-Boyfriend-2400Tyler has a kink and doesn’t know how to explain it to his boyfriend, Cody. He wants to have fart sex. He doesn’t think Cody will understand and he won’t go for it. Worse, his boyfriend might think he’s disgusting and it could cause trouble in their relationship.

But that doesn’t stop Tyler from having this dirty desire. Indeed, the desire becomes so overwhelming that he realizes he can’t deny it anymore. He’ll do anything to have Cody fart in his face.

So Tyler comes up with a plan — he’ll make bean burritos for dinner and right when Cody’s stomach starts gassing up, he’ll get Cody naked and in bed. At first, everything seems to go according to plan, but when Cody lets that first fart loose and Tyler sucks it down like his life depends on it, Cody freezes.

Tyler has a choice — back off and apologize or go all-in and give in to his most base desires… and hope that Cody understands.

Fart Sex With My Boyfriend is a 5,000-word short story.

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Dad Son Incest Mega-Bundle: 16 Taboo Tales of Dads Pounding Their Sons

Dad-Son-Incest-Mega-Bundle-2400Twinks look up to older men and often idolize them. For some twinks, the older man they most admire — the one they want desperately to get pounded by — is their father. In this mega-bundle of 16 previously-published dad-son incest stories, you’ll find exactly what you need to get off.

From sensual and loving dad-son encounters to extreme kinks including fisting, piss, bondage, and gangbangs, this collection has it all.

Included in this taboo collection are the following stories:
– Spanking My Naughty Boy
– Dad Took My Virginity
– Seducing My Son
– Seducing My Daddies
– Punished By Daddy
– At The Gloryhole with Dad
– Dominated By Dad
– Disciplined By My Dad And My Principal
– Father Son Bondage
– Seduced By My Ex-Con Father
– Taking My Dad’s Hot Load
– Drinking My Dad’s Piss
– Watching Gay Porn With My Dad
– Tag-Teamed By My Dad And My Uncle
– Fisted By Daddy
– Gangbanged By My Dad And His Friends

This 63,000-word mega-bundle is exactly what you’ve secretly been fantasizing about.

Publisher Note:
These stories were previously published individually as well as in the following collections: “Dad Son Sex Secrets”, “Dominating Daddies”, “Loving Daddies”, and “Kinky Daddies”.

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