Excerpt from “My Little Bro’s Butt”

The following excerpt is from My Little Bro’s Butt.

I soap up and start jerking, but there’s just nothing there. I keep thinking of how wrong it feels to shower alone, when really what I want is big bro’s hands on me.

I start to soap up my shoulders instead. That’s when I notice the shower door is open.

I startle, and in the instant I try to turn and see, I feel big bro’s hands gripping both my shoulders.

It’s not his usual grip. This grip is hard and almost hurts.

His body is pressed against mine. I feel his giant erection jutting up against my butt.

There are no words. I surrender in that grip, willing to do whatever big bro wants.

He seizes the soap from my hands, then I feel his hands slicking up his erection, and my ass. He pulls me back, away from the shower spray. I don’t resist.

With one hand, he pushes my butt up a little. I feel that deep pressure of his dick against my hole. He eases up with the hand against me, letting my hips fall with gravity…down on that slick big bro dick I’ve wanted all day.

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My Little Bro’s Butt

Bradley and his little brother, Tyler, have always been close. They took baths together as little boys, and they now take showers together as young men. Bradley always washes Tyler from behind. It’s a secret routine of theirs, and despite being grown up, they’ve never stopped.

With Covid lockdown in full swing, Bradley and Tyler are left alone in the house while their dad is stuck out of town. Routine is the only thing that helps them get through.

But something has changed. For Bradley, Tyler’s little butt completely captivates him and he starts to think of more than just washing it. For Tyler, there’s a longing for his big bro’s hands to do more than just massage him with soap. Bradley and Tyler are getting dangerously close, and routine is getting them through lockdown, but what if it might just forever break the sacred bond they have as brothers?

Will Bradley tame his urges, or will he follow the natural trail of his desires for his little bro’s butt?

My Little Bro’s Butt is a 15,000-word short story.

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Excerpt from “The Sick Love of Brotherly Look-Alikes”

This hot excerpt comes from The Sick Love of Brotherly Look-Alikes by myself and Rod Rey.

Derek formed a slight frown but gave me a tender kiss on the lips. “Many times my words don’t show how I really feel. And look at us now. We finally met, and we’re clearly in love with each other. Don’t you see, Kiefer? I still love you like I did back then. I never stopped loving you. If anything, I love you even more now.”

I sniffled and wiped my tears. Then, I nodded and returned his tender kiss. “I love you even more too, Derek.” This romance, as beautiful and heavenly it was, made me horny for him, my concerns melting away for the moment. “I want to make love with you.”

That put a stronger smile on his face. His smiles never failed to lift my heart. Everything about him filled me with wonder, as if I was being entranced by a mysterious charm that he didn’t always realize he had. “Then, let’s make love.”

We started getting undressed, and when we were naked, we studied each other’s bodies. He had a furry body unlike my smoother one. With his build, he could probably be considered an otter, and a sexy one at that. His hard dick was six inches in length like mine.

Despite being hard myself, I tried not to let my low self-esteem get to me because of my body being thicker than his and out of shape. I knew he loved me for me. I knew it because he’d fallen for me even before he’d seen what I looked like, because our connection was strong enough to form this special bond we had. Ironically, I was shallow when it came to looks, even though personality meant a lot to me.

Derek smiled at me again. Then, he turned around to climb on the king-size bed to my right, giving me a peek of his hot ass with furry cheeks, just like I’d seen in the few photos he’d sent me. He lay on his back and stroked his dick with his right hand, his eyes locking with mine to confirm how comfortable he already was with me.

I followed and stopped at the edge of the bed to shift my gaze to his beautiful body, his beautiful dick, and back to his beautiful face. I gasped lightly but with so much emotion because of the fact that this was really happening. We hadn’t just met in person; we were on the verge of making love.

Derek gave me a gentle shush while still gazing into my eyes. “It’s okay, Kiefer. Calm down. You have me now. I’m not going anywhere. Okay?”

I nodded and tried hard to contain my overemotional state. I finally got on the bed and lay beside him to his left side, stroking my dick with my left hand.

Derek smiled again and reached for my lips for a deep kiss. He slid his tongue inside to find mine, and we made out again.

For the full story, check out The Sick Love of Brotherly Look-Alikes.

The Sick Love of Brotherly Look-Alikes by Master Dominic and Rod Rey

Two sick-minded guys meet online and fall in love. It’s the kinky, dirty stuff that keeps their lust-fuelled relationship going, especially the fact that they look so alike that they could be brothers, easing them into some pseudo-incest role-play.

Until now, they’ve always been apart, but today’s the day they meet in person for the first time. Will that same lust-fuelled love still be there? Will they slip as easily into their taboo kinks in person as they do online?

They rent a hotel room and give in to all their dirtiest fantasies. It clicks. Everything clicks. It’s even hotter in person than it is online. So much so that they consider a fast-forward move to make things permanent. After all, their in-person incestuous role-play and brotherly bond create a whole new kind of instalove…

Naked bodies included.

The Sick Love of Brotherly Lookalikes is a 10,000-word short story.

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My Bratty Nephew: 4-Pack Bundle

Bruce isn’t pleased to have his bratty nephew, Cody, come and live with him for a year, but he’ll put up with the annoying twink as a favor for his sister. She’s hoping that a year of hard work and no partying will help Cody straighten up and fly right.

But the discomfort and awkwardness ratchets up when Cody starts making passes at Bruce…and Bruce is giving it his all to resist Cody’s efforts. If only they weren’t uncle and nephew, then maybe Bruce would give in.

A man can only hold out for so long, though, and when Bruce’s sexual urges become impossible to resist, he gives in to this taboo desire, taking him down a forbidden path that he can never return from.

My Bratty Nephew: 4-Pack Bundle is a 40,000-word collection of four previously-published uncle/nephew erotica short stories.

Included in this bundle are:
– Pounding My Nephew’s Butt
– Locking My Bratty Nephew in Chastity
– Fisting My Bratty Nephew
– Loving My Bratty Nephew

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Dad Son Incest Mega-Bundle Volume 2: 8 Taboo Stories and 2 Taboo Novels of Dads Doing Their Sons

Sons idolize their dads, they love these men with all their hearts. But some sons want more—some sons want to have sex with their father, to take the very seed that created them. In this mega-bundle of 8 previously-published short stories and 2 previously-published novels full of gay dad son incest action, you’ll get all your taboo desires met.

From discreet one-time encounters to full-on family fun, this collection has it all.

Included in this taboo collection are the following short stories:
– My Son’s First Time
– Becoming My Dad’s Slut Son
– Seduced By My Slut Best Friend And His Dad
– Giving Daddy My Boy Butt
– My Son’s Horny Halloween
– Seducing My Dad While Staying Safe
– A Straight Voyeur Brother’s COVID Incest Story
– When I Caught My Brothers Having Sex

As well as the following novels:
– Becoming The Young Boy Again
– Taking My Son’s Butt Cherry

This 175,000-word mega-bundle will keep you up late into the night, reading with only one hand.

Publisher Note:
The short stories were previously published individually as well as in the following collections: “Colin & Rick: A Dad/Son Gay Incest 4-Pack Bundle” and “Dad Son COVID Sex: A Gay Incest 4-Pack Bundle”.

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Dad Son Incest Mega-Bundle: 16 Taboo Tales of Dads Pounding Their Sons

Twinks look up to older men and often idolize them. For some twinks, the older man they most admire — the one they want desperately to get pounded by — is their father. In this mega-bundle of 16 previously-published dad-son incest stories, you’ll find exactly what you need to get off.

From sensual and loving dad-son encounters to extreme kinks including fisting, piss, bondage, and gangbangs, this collection has it all.

Included in this taboo collection are the following stories:
– Spanking My Naughty Boy
– Dad Took My Virginity
– Seducing My Son
– Seducing My Daddies
– Punished By Daddy
– At The Gloryhole with Dad
– Dominated By Dad
– Disciplined By My Dad And My Principal
– Father Son Bondage
– Seduced By My Ex-Con Father
– Taking My Dad’s Hot Load
– Drinking My Dad’s Piss
– Watching Gay Porn With My Dad
– Tag-Teamed By My Dad And My Uncle
– Fisted By Daddy
– Gangbanged By My Dad And His Friends

This 63,000-word mega-bundle is exactly what you’ve secretly been fantasizing about.

Publisher Note:
These stories were previously published individually as well as in the following collections: “Dad Son Sex Secrets”, “Dominating Daddies”, “Loving Daddies”, and “Kinky Daddies”.

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Excerpt from “Loving My Bratty Nephew”

Here’s an excerpt from Loving My Bratty Nephew.

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I slowly woke up and felt utterly content and completely at peace. My nose was buried in Cody’s hair, his smooth naked back was pressed against my hairy naked front, and my cock was still buried in his ass. We’d fallen asleep post-fucking last night before I could pull out to clean up and, well, things just stayed where they were.

And now with it being morning, I had a major hard-on. I ran my hand down Cody’s shoulder and upper arm and kissed the back of his neck.

“Mmm…” he moaned, then quarter-rolled back to glance at me over his shoulder. “Good morning, Uncle Bruce.”

I still couldn’t believe my luck. I had reluctantly taken Sarah’s son in—my nephew—to hopefully help him sort out his life and get started out as an adult. It had been rough at first with him being a little dickwad that moped all day and jerked all night.

But then there was that fateful day where boundaries had been crossed. I fucked my nephew. I fucked him hard. And he wanted more.

Since then, we’d fucked and sucked over and over again in all sorts of places—at home, at work, outside, in my truck—and, if anything, that fire of lust never burned out. Instead, it had only grown and something I could only describe as love had started to infuse it all.

Even when he was being a brat, I loved him and desired him.

“Good morning, boy,” I murmured back to him. I kissed his neck again and then nibbled at his earlobe, making him gasp.

He reached back between us and wrapped his dainty fingers around the girthy base of my cock, as if confirming what he felt in his ass. He brought that hand back to his mouth and spit in it, then used that spit to slick up what he could reach of my dick.

“You sure you want it?” I asked him. The part of be buried inside of him wasn’t lubed at all. “It’ll be a bit dry.”

“Just go slow,” he said, voice full of lust, “and add spit now and then.”

I nudged an arm underneath him and draped the other arm overtop him, hugging my much smaller nephew against my broad, muscular frame. From there, we worked as one, the way that only two lovers who share a soul can do. We slowly eased my cock deeper into his ass, and whenever I withdrew it, I slathered more spit on the shaft, then shoved back inside to slowly lube up his chute.

“Uncle Bruce…” Cody moaned. I loved the way he said my name when he was getting it good.

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Loving My Bratty Nephew

For weeks now, Bruce and his nephew Cody have had an ongoing taboo sexual relationship.

It started as just some hot sexual release, but over the weeks it’s evolved into something more. Cody is no longer just Bruce’s nephew and no longer just his sex buddy—he’s now…his lover. His feelings are complicated and the situation is messy, but he knows for certain that he can’t live without Cody at his side and in his bed.

Just when things are starting to settle into a norm and Bruce is feeling peace with this taboo situation, Cody’s mom—Bruce’s sister—wants to visit for the weekend to check up on her son. It’ll be a weekend of keeping distance, of pretending nothing is going on, because one wrong move—one uttered word of their forbidden secret—and Cody will be torn from him forever.

This is the make or break weekend—he’ll have Cody forever, or he’ll never see him again.

Loving My Bratty Nephew is an 11,000-word short story.

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Dad Son COVID Sex: A Gay Incest 4-Pack Bundle

On Halloween night, Rich has a taboo encounter with his son, Ronald, taking it upon himself to teach him how men have sex. It was meant to be a one-time-only indiscretion.

But then the COVID lockdown hits and father and son are spending more and more time together, and those forbidden passions keep coming back, to the point where they are impossible to resist.

Worse still, Rich’s other sons are coming home, having lost their jobs during the pandemic and in need of their father’s love. Each brother in turn discovers the secret between Rich and Ronald, and each son wants in on the action.

Dad Son Holiday Sex collects all four parts of the forbidden lusts between Rich, Ronald, Steven, and Brad.

This 4-pack includes all four Dad Son Holiday Sex stories:
– My Son’s Horny Halloween
– Seducing My Dad While Staying Safe
– A Straight Voyeur Brother’s COVID Incest Story
– When I Caught My Brothers Having Sex

Join in as this family learns what it means to come together.

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