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Dad Son Incest Mega-Bundle Volume 2: 8 Taboo Stories and 2 Taboo Novels of Dads Doing Their Sons

Sons idolize their dads, they love these men with all their hearts. But some sons want more—some sons want to have sex with their father, to take the very seed that created them. In this mega-bundle of 8 previously-published short stories and 2 previously-published novels full of gay dad son incest action, you’ll get all your taboo desires met.

From discreet one-time encounters to full-on family fun, this collection has it all.

Included in this taboo collection are the following short stories:
– My Son’s First Time
– Becoming My Dad’s Slut Son
– Seduced By My Slut Best Friend And His Dad
– Giving Daddy My Boy Butt
– My Son’s Horny Halloween
– Seducing My Dad While Staying Safe
– A Straight Voyeur Brother’s COVID Incest Story
– When I Caught My Brothers Having Sex

As well as the following novels:
– Becoming The Young Boy Again
– Taking My Son’s Butt Cherry

This 175,000-word mega-bundle will keep you up late into the night, reading with only one hand.

Publisher Note:
The short stories were previously published individually as well as in the following collections: “Colin & Rick: A Dad/Son Gay Incest 4-Pack Bundle” and “Dad Son COVID Sex: A Gay Incest 4-Pack Bundle”.

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Dad Son Incest Mega-Bundle: 16 Taboo Tales of Dads Pounding Their Sons

Twinks look up to older men and often idolize them. For some twinks, the older man they most admire — the one they want desperately to get pounded by — is their father. In this mega-bundle of 16 previously-published dad-son incest stories, you’ll find exactly what you need to get off.

From sensual and loving dad-son encounters to extreme kinks including fisting, piss, bondage, and gangbangs, this collection has it all.

Included in this taboo collection are the following stories:
– Spanking My Naughty Boy
– Dad Took My Virginity
– Seducing My Son
– Seducing My Daddies
– Punished By Daddy
– At The Gloryhole with Dad
– Dominated By Dad
– Disciplined By My Dad And My Principal
– Father Son Bondage
– Seduced By My Ex-Con Father
– Taking My Dad’s Hot Load
– Drinking My Dad’s Piss
– Watching Gay Porn With My Dad
– Tag-Teamed By My Dad And My Uncle
– Fisted By Daddy
– Gangbanged By My Dad And His Friends

This 63,000-word mega-bundle is exactly what you’ve secretly been fantasizing about.

Publisher Note:
These stories were previously published individually as well as in the following collections: “Dad Son Sex Secrets”, “Dominating Daddies”, “Loving Daddies”, and “Kinky Daddies”.

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Excerpt from “Loving My Bratty Nephew”

Here’s an excerpt from Loving My Bratty Nephew.

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I slowly woke up and felt utterly content and completely at peace. My nose was buried in Cody’s hair, his smooth naked back was pressed against my hairy naked front, and my cock was still buried in his ass. We’d fallen asleep post-fucking last night before I could pull out to clean up and, well, things just stayed where they were.

And now with it being morning, I had a major hard-on. I ran my hand down Cody’s shoulder and upper arm and kissed the back of his neck.

“Mmm…” he moaned, then quarter-rolled back to glance at me over his shoulder. “Good morning, Uncle Bruce.”

I still couldn’t believe my luck. I had reluctantly taken Sarah’s son in—my nephew—to hopefully help him sort out his life and get started out as an adult. It had been rough at first with him being a little dickwad that moped all day and jerked all night.

But then there was that fateful day where boundaries had been crossed. I fucked my nephew. I fucked him hard. And he wanted more.

Since then, we’d fucked and sucked over and over again in all sorts of places—at home, at work, outside, in my truck—and, if anything, that fire of lust never burned out. Instead, it had only grown and something I could only describe as love had started to infuse it all.

Even when he was being a brat, I loved him and desired him.

“Good morning, boy,” I murmured back to him. I kissed his neck again and then nibbled at his earlobe, making him gasp.

He reached back between us and wrapped his dainty fingers around the girthy base of my cock, as if confirming what he felt in his ass. He brought that hand back to his mouth and spit in it, then used that spit to slick up what he could reach of my dick.

“You sure you want it?” I asked him. The part of be buried inside of him wasn’t lubed at all. “It’ll be a bit dry.”

“Just go slow,” he said, voice full of lust, “and add spit now and then.”

I nudged an arm underneath him and draped the other arm overtop him, hugging my much smaller nephew against my broad, muscular frame. From there, we worked as one, the way that only two lovers who share a soul can do. We slowly eased my cock deeper into his ass, and whenever I withdrew it, I slathered more spit on the shaft, then shoved back inside to slowly lube up his chute.

“Uncle Bruce…” Cody moaned. I loved the way he said my name when he was getting it good.

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Loving My Bratty Nephew

For weeks now, Bruce and his nephew Cody have had an ongoing taboo sexual relationship.

It started as just some hot sexual release, but over the weeks it’s evolved into something more. Cody is no longer just Bruce’s nephew and no longer just his sex buddy—he’s now…his lover. His feelings are complicated and the situation is messy, but he knows for certain that he can’t live without Cody at his side and in his bed.

Just when things are starting to settle into a norm and Bruce is feeling peace with this taboo situation, Cody’s mom—Bruce’s sister—wants to visit for the weekend to check up on her son. It’ll be a weekend of keeping distance, of pretending nothing is going on, because one wrong move—one uttered word of their forbidden secret—and Cody will be torn from him forever.

This is the make or break weekend—he’ll have Cody forever, or he’ll never see him again.

Loving My Bratty Nephew is an 11,000-word short story.

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Dad Son COVID Sex: A Gay Incest 4-Pack Bundle

On Halloween night, Rich has a taboo encounter with his son, Ronald, taking it upon himself to teach him how men have sex. It was meant to be a one-time-only indiscretion.

But then the COVID lockdown hits and father and son are spending more and more time together, and those forbidden passions keep coming back, to the point where they are impossible to resist.

Worse still, Rich’s other sons are coming home, having lost their jobs during the pandemic and in need of their father’s love. Each brother in turn discovers the secret between Rich and Ronald, and each son wants in on the action.

Dad Son Holiday Sex collects all four parts of the forbidden lusts between Rich, Ronald, Steven, and Brad.

This 4-pack includes all four Dad Son Holiday Sex stories:
– My Son’s Horny Halloween
– Seducing My Dad While Staying Safe
– A Straight Voyeur Brother’s COVID Incest Story
– When I Caught My Brothers Having Sex

Join in as this family learns what it means to come together.

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Excerpt from “When I Caught My Brothers Having Sex”

Here’s an excerpt from When I Caught My Brothers Having Sex.

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“Steven’s come back to stay here,” Dad told me on the phone. “Broke up with Liz. You know, that girl he moved in with.”

Guilt flashes through me every time Dad’s mentions Steve and Liz. Just before he moved out with her, in my last months living at home, Steve was rather public about his regular romps. It must have been his age—at the time he had just turned eighteen. All those teenage hormones, it seemed he couldn’t bust a nut enough times. One day, I counted eight times they were at it, each time in a different room. Talk about a honeymoon phase. Could you blame me for spying on them more than once?

Maybe not. But you probably could blame me for what I soon started thinking. I was getting bored of my usual circuit, bookstore jerking, secret bus escapades, park walking paths. Here was something new, and a new rush went through me.

The first time, I hid behind a big lampshade. They were in the spare room. They came in, hand-in-hand, so horny. They could have seen me, if they looked my way; they could have seen me, but they didn’t.

Liz got in doggy position, and my brother positioned himself behind her. They didn’t even bother to put pants back on after their previous romp in the master bathroom. They probably couldn’t see anything except their own genitals, so horny and full of lust as they were. They definitely didn’t see the pervert brother, jerking off behind them.

I snuck up, all the way until I was standing behind Steve. Of the three boys, his butt is by far the hairiest, tough and muscular. Even at eighteen he already had a manly look to him. Liz, on the other hand, though they’re the same age, looks youthful.

There was a certain novelty to the image. Horned up, stalking in the shadows, jerking my cock as my brother humped his hairy ass up against this girl’s sopping pussy, I felt like I’d stumbled on a pervert older uncle and his niece, playing their dirty little game.

Imagining it like that turned me on in a new, exotic way. It was a different kind of fear of being caught, how violated they would feel, my own brother, ten years older, caught with his niece. I imagine that…my own brother catching me, but then would he really tell our dad, risk that then I’d give his secret away? The blackmail, the chains we held over each other, the power I’d have over him to tell them they had to fuck for me, fuck in dangerous ways where they might get caught—or else!—oh yeah, something about that fantasy made it all the hotter as I jerked myself behind him in secret.

I came before he did. I aimed my shots so they went just to the right of Steve’s ass, so close they could have hit him, if I got it wrong by a sliver…so close he could have caught me, if he felt my load splatter hot on that hairy butt. That load sprayed out and the whole time he kept pounding at his girlfriend’s pussy, moaning ostentatiously now to tell the world that he was about to have yet another of the best orgasms ever. As he moaned and slammed in, pumping out his cum, my cum dripped down the bedsheets, oozed down in a stream toward the spare room’s hardwood floor.

By the time his pumping ended, all his load out and his cock still buried in his girlfriend, I was off back to my room, realizing my addiction had just levelled up.

And that was just one time. How many times did I spy on them? How many other games, just like that, could I recall right now, where I was a split second from being caught, those final months before I just couldn’t take it anymore?

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When I Caught My Brothers Having Sex

Brad, the oldest of three brothers, has a kinky secret: he likes to whip it out and stroke it in public places. The risk of getting caught is what gets him off. It’s also the reason he moved out when he turned twenty.

When the chaos of the COVID pandemic forces Brad to move back home, his exhibitionist tendencies soon drive him crazy. He can’t go out in public, and he doesn’t dare get caught by his dad or brothers. He’s only getting hornier and hornier…

Until he discovers his brothers in bed together, using each other to fulfill carnal lusts. Shocked, and partly turned on, Brad is determined to use his brothers’ secret against them, yet he’s also certain there’s something else he’s missing—a bigger secret lurking in the family home.

A secret that just might make his seem vanilla in comparison…

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Excerpt from “A Straight Voyeur Brother’s COVID Incest Story”

Here’s an excerpt from A Straight Voyeur Brother’s COVID Incest Story.

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On the night I came back, Dad even set up my old bedroom. It had become a spare room, adjoined to Ronald’s by a shared closet. Dad fished out all my old bedding, cleared the window-side desk so I’d have a nice place for my Zoom work meetings, and even made a plate of peanut butter cookies, my favorite.

With Christmas coming, that first night sleeping in the bed reminded me of how I’d only partly grown up, how the last year and a half with Liz had been months of my life in limbo. Really, I’d never left home, and with COVID-19 raging in the world, this was the right place to be trapped indefinitely.

That first night, I also could tell Ronald was growing up too. He still didn’t have a girlfriend, but he certainly started to jerk off a lot. I know that rhythmic breathing all too well. Quite a contrast to the quiet I was used to hearing through our shared closet door. Little Ron has become shameless, groaning a bit like a porn star.

I couldn’t help the erection that soon sprung up in my gitch. All that groaning from my little brother makes me think of how I’d groan, when Liz would plant her butt before me, on hands and knees, when I’d push my meat inside her butthole.

Dammit, Ron, I think as I slide my hand down to grip my meat. He’s even moaning a bit like Liz would, when I’d get my dick all the way deep inside her guts. Holy shit, I really do need to bust this nut. I’m not used to more than a day holding it in.

Keep moaning, you little slut, I think as I hear my brother’s quick breathing, his little girlie moans, imagining it’s Liz. I’ve got my cock wrapped in my full grip, pulling up and down the rock-hard meat. My length swells to its full eight inches, thrusting free of the underwear band. It won’t take long for me to spray my load. Thanks, little bro, I think, as Ron keeps making all the sounds I need, helps me clear these lusts out of my mind.

“Can we do it doggy now?” Ron asks.

My breath catches inside, halting my charge to orgasm.

There’s a deep voice, very quiet, but I can’t help hear it. The sound of movement. Am I imagining this?

I rise from the bed, cock still in hand. What is Ron up to? Is he watching porn?

Whatever my little brother is doing, I’m helplessly curious. I need to bust this nut.

I’m just being a proud older brother, I tell myself, as I creep toward the closet. I’m the one, after all, who taught Ron about jerking off. Is there anything wrong with wanting to see the results of my mentoring?

The closet door in my room is partway open. I don’t dare slide it the rest of the way, don’t dare let my brother know I’m perving on his pleasure. I squeeze through, shifting between hanging sweaters.

There are slats on the doors. I press my face forward, against the slats that lead to Ron’s room. My hand’s still on my erection, massaging up and down.

Ron’s room is dark. The only light comes from the hall, through his door, which is only open a crack. I can see forms on the bed, defined mostly by shadows.

There’s a second person here. Ron isn’t just watching porn.

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A Straight Voyeur Brother’s COVID Incest Story

When COVID-19 lockup started, Steven thought he had everything he needed to get through: an eight-inch endowment and a girlfriend who wanted it three times a day, who was even willing to let him give it to her in the butt.

But isolation soon strained their relationship and, after a big fight, Steven finds himself back at his family home, a sizable mansion where his younger brother Ronald still lives with his father, Rich.

With nowhere to stick his eight inches, Steven goes about the drudgery of work Zoom meetings from his old bedroom. Adjoining his brother’s room by a shared closet, he’s all too aware of Ronald’s nighttime lustful escapades. He can’t help but spy, so driven by his pent-up lusts, and that’s when…he sees his father buried deep in his brother’s butt.

Steven can’t help but watch them. He’s not gay, but he’s certain if he just watches, keeps his distance, he’ll find the right compromise. He can’t help being turned on by seeing his dad’s secret outlet, realizing how much he misses doing the same to his now ex-girlfriend.

That’s all this is, he tells himself.

Yet he’s unable to escape the fact that there’s far more lurking beneath the surface of his new obsession than he wants to admit…

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Excerpt from “Fisting My Bratty Nephew”

Here’s an excerpt from Fisting My Bratty Nephew.

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“Stop humping me,” I growled.

Cody—my bratty and insatiably horny nephew—was standing far too close to me at the sales desk at my auto junkyard. He was pretending to be casual, but he kept brushing his caged dick against the side of my leg, and if he got a particularly good rub, he would let out a soft groan.

Locking him in chastity had been something I’d done out of frustration a couple weeks ago. I’d discovered that he was far hornier than I had ever thought possible; our regular and frequent fuckings where I would pound his tight little boy-hole were nowhere near enough to satiate his libido. To counter that, I had locked his dick in chastity. I knew there was a real solid risk of him becoming even hornier by being denied orgasm, and of fucking course that was the case.

And so right now, at work, he was humping my leg like a dog in heat.

“Uncle Bruce…” Cody moaned.

I rolled my eyes and then turned to look at him. He looked pitiful, like a junkie in need of a fix. And that fix was my cock.

But as much as he looked like a slut in desperate need of a good dicking, I also saw my nephew, the young man I had so totally and completely fallen head over heels for. We were fucking constantly, at least four times a day, but my feelings for this boy were moving beyond just lust and I didn’t know what to do with that. It’s not like we could ever be together in that way.

He pouted, pushing out that sultry lower lip, the one that looked so good when it was wrapped around my fat cock. Fuck, I was getting hard. Cody obviously knew because he leaned forward with his pelvis and rubbed his caged nubbin against my rock hard erection.

“I need your big dick,” he moaned.

“Not now,” I scolded him. About ten minutes ago, some guy I didn’t recognize had wandered past this little office building and into the junkyard. “There’s a customer on premises. He could walk in at any moment.”

“Or he could be another twenty minutes,” Cody said. He reached for my crotch and grabbed my shaft through the layers of clothing.

Before I could protest further, Cody sunk to his knees in front of me and started undoing my fly. I should have told him no, but he knew as well as I did that I lost all sense of control when my lust took over. And he knew how to kick-start my lust in seconds.

“Fuck,” I moaned as I rolled my eyes toward the windows set in the wall opposite us. There was no sign of the customer in the yard, or any other customers for that matter. Maybe we could have a few minutes of fun…after all, it would help him last until after we closed up and headed home.

When I looked back down in front of me, I saw that Cody already had my hard dick out and he was stroking it. He looked up at me with those big, beautiful eyes, and then he wrapped those gorgeous lips around my shaft and eagerly started sucking me.

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